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iPhone Style Scrolling For Your Mac 0


iPhone Style Scrolling For Your Mac

If you have an iPhone you will notice that when you scroll it kind of has a bit of momentum to keep the scroll going after you activate it. This, I think, is quite a cool feature. By default there isn’t any way of doing this on your Mac. But you can install a preference pane that can take care of this feature and do it for you.

Easily Create SSB With Fluid 2


Easily Create SSB With Fluid

This trick today comes in part from Ethan, he found a cool way to make Site Specific Browsers (SSB) which can displays websites as if they are applications. For example, say you are a big fan of this site and you want to easily view it without all of the clutter of menu bars, toolbars and all of the other as all of the other grud that is associated with web browsers.

Monitor Your Bandwidth w/ Surplus Meter 6


Monitor Your Bandwidth w/ Surplus Meter

If you are on a limited broadband connection or want to simply know where all of the bits and bytes go you may want to monitor your internet connection. The app that I am going to do a mini review of today is called Surplus Meter and is designed to record how much bandwidth you are using.

Sugar Sync – Sync Files The Right Way 6


Sugar Sync – Sync Files The Right Way

If you like me you may have lots of computers. As well as lots of files. Keeping the correct file in the right place and correct version is a pain. You have to remember which is the updated file, where it is located which one to override. After a while keeping files in sync becomes difficult and people tend to give up. You could invest in a remote server, but then you have to manage it. You could also invest in a NAS drive to attach to your network but then you have the vulnerability of the drives crashing and you lose all of your data. The final and best option is to invest in a remote, internet syncing option, that does all of the hard work for you.

Hacking The Interface Of Programs 2


Hacking The Interface Of Programs

This isn’t really a hack but a method to change the way program looks. It uses the Interface Builder used in applications to change the way a program looks. It is very simple, but if there is an annoying aspect of a program you just want to change, or to confuse your friends this is a fun way to start. With this trick you can’t hack every program, or every feature of a program. It is fun and a good time waster if you are bored.

Build Lego Creations On Your Mac 0


Build Lego Creations On Your Mac

As a kid, I used to play with Lego and K’nex. Building and creating creations was great fun. I was always amazed how they created the instruction booklets. How detailed the designers were. Well, some people at Lego have created Lego Digital Designer, the digital version of Lego which you can use to design, create and build you own Lego masterpieces all on you Mac (and Windows).

Print Envelopes From Address Book 17


Print Envelopes From Address Book

This little tip that I will show you today is rather cool. If any one has used Word it is a little difficult to print a envelope. Although there are preset settings, you have to do a lot of manual work. But if you have all of your addresses in Address Book, making a printing envelopes has suddenly become a lot easier. Thanks to a setting hidden away in the print dialog box.

How To Use Your Mac Outside 3


How To Use Your Mac Outside

If anyone who has a laptop has worked outside in the bright sun it can be very hard to see the screen. All of the colours seem blurred and washed out and you can’t see anything on the screen. You can try all you like to adjust the brightness but it does make it very hard to see things. What you need is to change the screen contrast so you can really see the differences between the text. This application which I am going to talk about is called Nocturne.

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