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Introduction To AppleScript 1


Introduction To AppleScript

Last week I wrote a post about an Introduction To Automator. It was well received and many people enjoyed it. This week I am going to do an introduction on AppleScript. From the start this topic was a lot easier to find information about. It seems people write a lot more about AppleScript over Automator. I have decided to link to other sources rather than make my own because I would just be repeating the same information, and other people can write a lot better than me.

Control Your Mac Through E-Mail 13


Control Your Mac Through E-Mail

Yesterday in my previous post on a Anti-Robber Script I mentioned how you can run your script through email. This post will hopefully teach you the simple way of controlling your Macremotely over the Internet. This is designed so you can quickly tell you computer when you are at work to do specific tasks without the need for logging in via SSH or some complicated method. Although you can only do basic things with this tip, it is simple to perform and doesn’t take long to learn, or much technical know how.

How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow 0


How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow

Yesterday I was messing around with Apple Script and I couldn’t for the life of me make a simple work flow that would backup certain files to a network hard drive. Out of frustration I turned to Automator. Realizing what a fool I was I managed to make a simple backup work flow within a couple of minutes, after spending hours in Apple Script. This post is going to show you how to make a simple backup work flow to copy across files to a seperate disk. Although you could use Time Machine this is designed for specific files and if you only want to back up one file.

iTunes To Twitter AppleScript 6

Apple Script

iTunes To Twitter AppleScript

I’m starting to like Twitter. Its kind of fun, and a good way to keep up to date. I have a Mac Tricks And Tips Twitter feed, if you want to keep upto date with the latest posts, news and updates. I will probably be using it a lot over the next couple of days as this site is updated. Anyway, I have been playing around with a couple of AppleScripts that are really fun. They are designed to post your current iTunes track to Twitter. The potential to run up hundreds of tweets is bound to happen.

Must Have Automator Actions 0

Apple Script

Must Have Automator Actions

I have become fascinated with Automator, it is so powerful yet so simple. As a result if a bit of searching I have found a really good Automator action that you should install to aid with any workflows that you are creating.

Apple Script Random Number Generator 6

Apple Script

Apple Script Random Number Generator

Having started to mess about in automator, I wanted to mess about more in Apple Script. This little trick will hopefully teach you how to generate a random number and display it in a message box.

Creating A Basic Clickbot 3

Apple Script

Creating A Basic Clickbot

Although the titles sounds like some l33t hacking tool, aimed at destroying some vital computer system, this post will be a little mundane. For a while I was searching Google for a way to build a click bot on my Mac. I didn’t want to use it for something malicious, I was just interested after coming across a couple of articles on this subject. To actually create a click bot requires literally only a couple of steps. I was amazed at myself for my own stupidity when I managed to find out how to do it.

Quickly Resize Images 5


Quickly Resize Images

If you ever need to work in design, whether it be web design, Photoshop work, or general image editing. You may need to resize an image. There ain’t many methods which you can do it quickly and easily. I have found two methods, one has an awesome GUI (General User Interface) and the other is more script based.

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