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Tweetie – The Best Twitter App For Mac 6


Tweetie – The Best Twitter App For Mac

I love Twitter, its a really good way to interact with people all over the world. If you are a Twitter user please follow me. For a long while I have been using Twitterific, it was perfect for what I need. However I heard some good things about Tweetie and I decided to give it a try. From my very limited testing, I am really impressed with just how good the app is, I may continue using for sometime.

Make Massive Posters From One Image 0


Make Massive Posters From One Image

I try not to post to many reviews on apps on this site, most go on, however this app is really cool and I thought I should feature it here. If you can’t guess the nature of this post by the title, this app is designed to split up an image andseparate them onto multiple pages, as a result you can make huge cool posters to cover those bare walls.

Why You Should Have Growl Installed 14


Why You Should Have Growl Installed

I have been using Growl for a very long time now. Its one of the best Operating System “Plug-ins” you can get for the Mac. Growl is not really an application in the sense that you use it all the time, but it runs in the background and gives you useful information from applications. Applications have to support using Growl, but the list is ever growing and it isreally useful, as a result you should have it installed.

Introduction To iWork – A Helpful Guide 0


Introduction To iWork – A Helpful Guide

It seems my introduction posts are well received, you guys seem to enjoy them. This weeks introduction is to iWork, the popular package which accompanies iLife, all about documents, spreadsheets and presentations. This post will follow the usual format of where you can find resources about this program. It will have resources in the app itself, online, in a book and in store. Each section will be broken down for easy location.

Syncplicity – Start Syncing Your Files 3


Syncplicity – Start Syncing Your Files

I was asked to review Syncplicity for Mac a couple of days ago. Since they wanted me to hold off a couple of days before I released the review I have had a good chance to try out the service. As the title implies Syncplicity is software which you can use to sync your files between computers and the web. It similar to Sugar Sync which I reviewed back in July and works in much the same way. Its designed for people who want to keep certain files sync’d correctly between computers and the web.

Today – iCal’s Little Helper 8


Today – iCal’s Little Helper

I was approached by the guys at Second Gear Software to review their cool little app. I was only to happy to oblige. Hopefully in the next couple on days I should be launching a quick competition to give away a couple of licenses. In a nutshell Today is a small little application designed to show you quickly what you have on your calendar. Its a quick little application that is useful if you have a massive amount of calendars and want a simple clean view.

iCandy – A Unique Way To Share 0


iCandy – A Unique Way To Share

This new and interesting app was brought to my attention by Matt. Its called iCandy, its a beta application that is designed for you to share your digital information in a unique way through the use of QR Codes. You can generate a unique code give it to a friend, they can then scan this bar code and red the information. I find its a unique way to share information (also known as hard linking).

iDefrag – Defrag Disks For Mac 3


iDefrag – Defrag Disks For Mac

Technically you don’t have to defrag your disk if you are using Mac. This is because the Mac operating system is “intelligent” and can run without de-fragmentation or it does it in the background, I can never remember which. The problem with this thinking is that you can defrag your disk and it does help. This is where iDefrag comes in.

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