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Ten Fun Mac Apps To Waste Time With 2


Ten Fun Mac Apps To Waste Time With

Its Friday. The end of the week is here, the week end is just a couple of hours away. What can you do to entertain yourself while those last couple of hours tick away before you can be released from work. The answer is time wasting apps. This apps serve no real purpose except for entertainment. This list of ten items, is designed to be fun and let the time slip away. Be careful, before long you could be comeaddicted and end up doing more than just wasting time. Most of the apps on this list are games, but games are always fun. This list is in no particular order.

Must Have Default Installed Apps 14


Must Have Default Installed Apps

In a previous post, I can’t remember which, some one mentioned about a list of the must have installed apps that should come with your Mac. For example you have your default apps such as iTunes, iMovie etc, the apps listed below are designed to join that list. These are my personal preference for must have apps. I have tried to be as broad as possible, using applications which nearly everyone uses. If you want to add your app please leave a comment.

Checkout vs Lightspeed – Shop Applications 4


Checkout vs Lightspeed – Shop Applications

Its been a long time since I have done a comparison between two applications. This post will compare the two applications Checkout and Lightspeed. Theses applications are both designed for shops. They are applications which are designed to help shop employees sell their products. I am interested in this type of product since they are always well built and do have a lot of features. These two products are priced differently for different markets, as you will see from this post. This review will be split up into different sections, installation, interface, ease of use, price and finally my recommendation.

Make Your Own Mix Offer 0


Make Your Own Mix Offer

I like good software for the Mac. I also like cheap software. What is better than good software being heavily discounted? This site, called Mac Mix Promo, is designed around giving you good software at a cheap price. As limited offer, similar to MacPromo and MacHeist. For every piece of software you buy you earn so much off. It similar to the promos we have all heard off, but is designed to give you more control and more of a discount.

Uninstalling Applications, A Noob’s Guide 6


Uninstalling Applications, A Noob’s Guide

A couple of days ago I wrote a noob’s guide to installing applications. Its was well received by many and one question which seemed to appear a lot was how to uninstall applications. Clearly people are having trouble with this. This post will hopefully clear up your worries.

There are two methods in which to uninstall applications. The normal way, and the not so normal application way. They both are very easy to complete and it really doesn’t take much to do.

Installing Applications, A Noobs Guide 9


Installing Applications, A Noobs Guide

Every so often I will publish a newbies tip or trick for people that are new to the Mac operating system. As Mac’s are getting more popular I feel that basic newbie tips will be a great help. These will sort of tips will range from nearly everything. This first tip will be about installing applications. With anyone who is a switcher from a Windows machine this can be an interesting experience. Many newbies, you may not believe it, do not know how to install an applications, I was one of them for a short time. Hopefully this guide will explain all.

20 Essential Mac OS X Apps For Bloggers 16


20 Essential Mac OS X Apps For Bloggers

As a blogger there are some applications that are just essential to help improve my productivity and to save time. I have gone through my computer and I am presenting to you 20 essential applications that any Mac blogger should have. They are presented in alphabetical order.

Delicious Library 1


Delicious Library

There are some really cool programs out for the Mac, thats one of the reasons I bought my MacBook Pro. I have come across a really awesome program that definitely deserves a mention. I find it really cool and is well worth the $40 price tag.

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