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MacUpdate – Back To School Bundle 0


MacUpdate – Back To School Bundle

I like MacUpdate. I’ve mentioned them a couple of times over the last couple of months. If you can cast your mind back I did a post on the parallels software bundle. This was a big bundle that enables you to have big savings on a lot of software. Anyway, the team have put together another bundle. This time its a back to school bundle. Back to school is the worst words in the words for any child to hear, but for use it gives us chance to save some money and get great software at the same time.

Solving Misbehaving Applications 1


Solving Misbehaving Applications

Every so often an application will misbehave. It wont do what you want. For example Mail will not download new emails, iCal will not change a calender. Although you could go through clearing your preferences, deleting cache files or enableing debug menus there is a quicker and simpler way.

Uninstalling Applications Part 2 2


Uninstalling Applications Part 2

Quite a while ago I wrote a post about uninstalling applications. It used an application through the use of a program called AppZapper. Since you had to buy this application it wasn’t a viable alternative for everyone. Thankfully some people have developed a free application called AppCleaner. It works the same way an it is free.

Quickly De-clutter Your Screen 1


Quickly De-clutter Your Screen

My screen gets full very quickly, its the way the Mac operating system works. But the problem with this is that your screen can get cluttered up very quickly. The solution to this is to use the Hide function within the menu bar. This function hides either the application you are using or every other application.

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