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Unrar Files With Terminal 10


Unrar Files With Terminal

This post is very similar to a previous post I have done about unzipping files using Terminal. This time it is about unrar’ing files. Although this type of trick wont be used every single day for unraring files. Programs like stuffit can handle that, but this trick has one awesome feature which I will explain shortly. The first step of this trick is to download the binaries.

iArchiver – A Better Way To Handle Archives 1


iArchiver – A Better Way To Handle Archives

If you send a lot of files about the place, archiving files saves a lot of space and time. By compressing files you can save space and not need to upload massive ones. Compression software, by default, on the Mac isn’t the best in the world. You are only limited to saving files as zip. Every so often you may want to save it as something else such as a tarball file or similar. This post is going to be about an application that I have been using more and more often. Its called iArchiver.

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