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Speeding Up Login By Slowing Things Down 3


Speeding Up Login By Slowing Things Down

The title sounds like an oxymoron but in theory, this method can actually speed up a login. A login process usually follows these lines; you enter your password, it authenticate you. You are then let in and it begins to load items like the Finder, Dock and other essential processes. The final step is to load all of the apps you have set to load at login. This is where you computer can slow down, the other steps you can’t do a lot about. If you have 10 applications you want to launch at login your Mac can grind to a halt, simply because you really stress your hard drive. If you can time when you want to applications to launch you can speed up the login as a whole.

Introduction To Automator – A General Guide 0


Introduction To Automator – A General Guide

Recently I asked what people want to see on this site. A common request was seeing an Automator guide. I really don’t have much knowledge of Automator, but I have compiled a small list of places to visit if you are interested in learning more about the program.

Extracting Text From PDF Files 14


Extracting Text From PDF Files

I like the use of PDF’s, they work well and (usually) appear the same on ever computer. One of the advantages of PDF’s is the text embedded within the file, and the abilty to manipulate. Although many PDF readers have functions to copy and paste text, whats quicker than creating an Automator script to extract PDF text into a text file.

How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow 0


How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow

Yesterday I was messing around with Apple Script and I couldn’t for the life of me make a simple work flow that would backup certain files to a network hard drive. Out of frustration I turned to Automator. Realizing what a fool I was I managed to make a simple backup work flow within a couple of minutes, after spending hours in Apple Script. This post is going to show you how to make a simple backup work flow to copy across files to a seperate disk. Although you could use Time Machine this is designed for specific files and if you only want to back up one file.

Must Have Automator Actions 0

Apple Script

Must Have Automator Actions

I have become fascinated with Automator, it is so powerful yet so simple. As a result if a bit of searching I have found a really good Automator action that you should install to aid with any workflows that you are creating.

Creating A Basic Clickbot 3

Apple Script

Creating A Basic Clickbot

Although the titles sounds like some l33t hacking tool, aimed at destroying some vital computer system, this post will be a little mundane. For a while I was searching Google for a way to build a click bot on my Mac. I didn’t want to use it for something malicious, I was just interested after coming across a couple of articles on this subject. To actually create a click bot requires literally only a couple of steps. I was amazed at myself for my own stupidity when I managed to find out how to do it.

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