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Backup Solutions For The Mac 5


Backup Solutions For The Mac

Backup’s are very important. You should always have more than one backup if you are serious about making sure your data stays in one piece. Its ok backing them up to disk but what happens if you lost that disk or it doesn’t work. This post will hopefully explain some of the different ways in which you can back up your data. I recommend you pick two different options to make sure you don’t lose everything.

How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow 0


How to Build A Simple Backup Workflow

Yesterday I was messing around with Apple Script and I couldn’t for the life of me make a simple work flow that would backup certain files to a network hard drive. Out of frustration I turned to Automator. Realizing what a fool I was I managed to make a simple backup work flow within a couple of minutes, after spending hours in Apple Script. This post is going to show you how to make a simple backup work flow to copy across files to a seperate disk. Although you could use Time Machine this is designed for specific files and if you only want to back up one file.

Email Backup Pro 1

Time Machine

Email Backup Pro

Every day MacUpdate release a new piece of software at a discounted price. For a while I have wanted to talk about some of the software that has come up, but a decent one has never turned up till today. Email Backup Pro, is ones of those pieces of software that is really cheap and really good. A combination that never seems to appear on the internet.

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