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Amazing Clock Screen Savers For Your Mac 17


Amazing Clock Screen Savers For Your Mac

A good screen saver is a must have. It shows passers by how cool your computer is when you are away. My favourite type of screen savers are clock screen savers. Simply because they are elegant, simple and they don’t suck up your computers CPU like it is going out of fashion. Anyway, this post is going to be a collection of 6 well designed clockscreen savers which you can grace your computer with. These screen savers are listed in no particular order.

Tetris On Your Mac – Quinn 4


Tetris On Your Mac – Quinn

I like Tetris. I such a fun little game to play and good fun to while away the minutes and every so often hours if you have nothing to do. This latest incarnation is called Quinn. It does a very good job of the Tetris game play and introduces a couple of different and fun features for you to use and enjoy. Best of all this application is free.

Hidden Calender Files 3


Hidden Calender Files

This is a neat little trick. Like quite a few things on your Mac the cool features are hidden away. Although this tricks is rather simple it is fun to do. As well as this there is quite a lot of detail to be had by looking through the files (which I think are written in some form of C).

The first step is to open up Terminal. No hidden feature would be without good old Terminal.

Delicious Library 2 3


Delicious Library 2

Quite a while ago I reviewed Delicious Library. It is one of my favorite apps for the Mac and it really shows how powerful a Mac can be. Well, Delicious Library 2 has been released, again a while ago. This is going to be a comparison and review post from the previous application.

Build Lego Creations On Your Mac 0


Build Lego Creations On Your Mac

As a kid, I used to play with Lego and K’nex. Building and creating creations was great fun. I was always amazed how they created the instruction booklets. How detailed the designers were. Well, some people at Lego have created Lego Digital Designer, the digital version of Lego which you can use to design, create and build you own Lego masterpieces all on you Mac (and Windows).

Versions – A Subversion Client Application 4


Versions – A Subversion Client Application

A following from a previous post about subversion, Versions is a great little application that can take the hassle away from using Terminal when using subversion. This application is very simple to use, doesn’t take long to get the hang of. As well as this, for the time being, it is still free. So grab it while you can and see how good this application really is.

World Clock Screen Saver 2


World Clock Screen Saver

This is a very cool screen saver that displays the time. Not an ordinary clock, but every word used to represent the time in english. I really like and think it is pretty cool to watch and use. Different from the normal light effects you usually seen. Not very good though for those who have plasma or CRT monitors, you may face burn in.

Some Awesome High Speed Screensavers 2


Some Awesome High Speed Screensavers

I like screen savers. They are a way to make your Mac look cool when you are away from your desk and you want to show the awesome processing power of your computer. Of course if want to save power (especially on a laptop) these probably aren’t for you. Since they do soak up a lot of juice if you set the settings to maximum (which I did bye bye battery). This post shows you some high speed, very colourful screen savers which you might be interested in.

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