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Quickly Delete A Line In A Sticky 2


Quickly Delete A Line In A Sticky

This is a quick super tip for anyone who uses Mac OS X stickies in Dashboard. If you find that you want to delete a line of text from a sticky hold down the command key and then press delete (which I think is backspace on a Macbook Pro). This will automatically delete the line of text within your widget.

The tip of Command + Delete also works in other applications by Apple. For example you can quickly delete calenders with this command. Delete desktop items. There are hundreds of ways to delete stuff through this command. Its a little tip that can save you a couple of seconds.

How To Make Your Own Dashboard Widgets 1


How To Make Your Own Dashboard Widgets

Widgets are great, but how do you make them? The answer is use Dashcode. Dashcode is Apples answer to a super simple, yet super powerful way to drag and drop code for widgets. It really doesn’t take long to make a widget. In this tutorial I am going to show you the basic steps in how to create an RSS widget for use on your site. I have been playing around with it for the last couple of days and as a result I have got to know how the program works. Soon I am also going to produce a widget for this site, cool.

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