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Mac Dashboard Widgets – 10 Must Haves 8


Mac Dashboard Widgets – 10 Must Haves

I don’t usually like doing posts about lists, I see them as a bit of a cop out. But I haven’t done one in a while and for some reason seem to be really interested in Dashboard Widgets. This post, like many list posts, is subjective. I will post my 10 must have which I use on a regular basis. If you have any more (which you probably will have), please leave a comment below. I have tried to pick widgets which are commonly used, not theuber-specific ones, such as my hosts monitoring widget.

MacTricksAndTips Widget Update 3


MacTricksAndTips Widget Update

If you are a regular reader on this site you will know that I have my very own widget. This enables you to get all of the latest posts onto your dashboard. Well I have been beavering away at my computer indashcode over the past couple of weeks and I have produced a new widget. I am really pleased with the result. The following post is going to explain a couple of its new features.

Dashalytics – Google Analytics In Dashboard 4


Dashalytics – Google Analytics In Dashboard

I like dashboard. So much so that I have created my own dashboard widget. Anyway I have found a rather cool widget that can integrate your Google Analytic account with dashboard that can quickly and simply show your current websites stats from your website. It is very useful for people who don’t check there stats every single day.

Dashcode Tips And Tricks 3


Dashcode Tips And Tricks

I’ve been using Dashcode more and more over the last couple of days, I have really taken the ball and ran with it. I have learnt lots of little tricks and tips that I want to share with you. Developing a widget for the Dashboard can range from the very simple to the very hard. If you use the pre-built templates you can get a new widget up and running in a couple of seconds. You can then advance your skills to make it more accustomed to your site. You can then take it even further adding in more features. The more features you add, the more complex your widget becomes and the hard it is to code, but the better the result. I am by know means a good widget coder. But theses tips are designed to help a new user make their widget that bit more unique.

MacTricksAndTips Widget News Update 1


MacTricksAndTips Widget News Update

This is just an update for the MacTricksAndTips widget. If you don’t already know the widget provides a full RSS syndication of this site on your dashboard. It is designed so that people who don’t have RSS readers can still get all of the latest content on your dashboard. This post is going to be a little bit of news about how this widget is doing and a new release that is going to happen in the next couple of weeks.

Introduction To Using Dashcode 0


Introduction To Using Dashcode

While I have been working on a new widget for this site I have come across a very good website which details some “advance” Dashcode and dashboard tips that can really help anyone who wants to take their widget to the next level. I am currently improving and changing my widget so it displays more information and has more features. Since I am not that great with javascript it is a big learning curve. But Remy Sharp’s site has a couple of good pointers.

Mac Tricks And Tip Widget 1


Mac Tricks And Tip Widget

After messing about with Dashcode for quite a while and just generally playing I have made my own widget for Mac Tricks And Tips. At the moment it is a basic RSS feed widget. Every time a new post is made on this blog and the feed is updated the widget will display the information. At the moment it will show full articles for the site although scalable post sizes will be a new feature in an upcoming rendition. I didn’t like the way Dashcode did the original article lengths, I haven’t yet found an alternative.

Quickly Close Widgets 2


Quickly Close Widgets

I use widgets a lot. Mostly for stickies, my dashboard is full of them. It can be a pain to close a widget you want. You have to click the plus symbol in the bottom left, and then click the close symbol on any widget you want, and then close the widgets bar at the bottom. This of course is very long winded and could be shortened. There is, of course, a quick shortcut.

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