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Finding The Meaning Of Any Word 8


Finding The Meaning Of Any Word

This is just a quick tip for you today. If you are like me your English may not be the best. Mac OS X Leopard has an excellent built in Dictionary application. This post is going to show you how you can access Dictionary without having to open the program.

Location Of Your Words File 6


Location Of Your Words File

I have been snooping around my operating system. More specifically in the hidden sections on the root my my harddrive. After messing around for quite a while I came across a cool folder that conatined all of the words used when you spell check a document. On the face of it, theses files are really rather boring. But if you are a Mac geek you may find it interesting.

A "Hidden" Feature Of Dictionary 3


A "Hidden" Feature Of Dictionary

This really isn’t a hidden feature, hence the speech marks, but it is a cool feature of the dictionary application that not many people know about. If you load up dictionary from applications you can access the front and back covers. If you haven’t ever picked up a dictionary before these contain some tables of elements, US presidents, abbreviations and other cool things such as how to use the dictionary.

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