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Ejecting DVD’s & CD’s From Your Mac 39


Ejecting DVD’s & CD’s From Your Mac

Although the title may seem simple, every so often a CD or DVD will get stuck inside your Mac, not matter how much you hit the eject button nothing will happen. It is stuck. Anyway this post will show you a couple of tricks that will hopefully help you eject a stuck disk. Most of the time waiting and coming back to eject the disk seems to work. But if that doesn’t work you can use some of the following tips.

Partitioning A Hard Drive On A Mac 15


Partitioning A Hard Drive On A Mac

I have a lot of hard drives. For example my internal disk on my MacBook Pro is split into to partitions, one for Mac OS X and one for Windows. I have an external backup disk, this is split into two, one for Time Machine and one for a bit more storage. I am soon going to get another disk to use as storage. What I am going to show you in this post is how to partition this disks so you can use them for more than one thing. It useful to have a partition. Its easier to split up files, and makes organising them easier. As well as this you can have more than one disk format on the same disk.

Deleting Big Unused Files To Save Disk Space 3


Deleting Big Unused Files To Save Disk Space

If you like your empty disk space, like me, and you don’t want to give it up, there are a couple of big folders which I have found which you can delete to save your valuable disk space. To enable me to find these files I have used GrandPerspective, it is a great tool for this job and I suggest you use it.

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