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Leopard Security Guide 0


Leopard Security Guide

I must have missed the memo when this one was released. A while ago Apple released their security guide for Leopard and its a whopper. Racking in at over 240 pages it contains 13 chapters of security for your computer. Not every piece in the guide is designed for the new user, there is definitely some complex stuff in this PDF.

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Mac Tricks And Tip Widget

After messing about with Dashcode for quite a while and just generally playing I have made my own widget for Mac Tricks And Tips. At the moment it is a basic RSS feed widget. Every time a new post is made on this blog and the feed is updated the widget will display the information. At the moment it will show full articles for the site although scalable post sizes will be a new feature in an upcoming rendition. I didn’t like the way Dashcode did the original article lengths, I haven’t yet found an alternative.

Give More Meaning To Stacks 1


Give More Meaning To Stacks

Stacks on Leopard are great. But they could be improved ever so slightly to give them more meaning. For example on the face of it the stacks all look the same and it can be very hard to differentiate between them. Luckily some clever folk has managed to come up with a small hack to enable you to add a small images to the stacks. This then enables you to easily see which stack is which. The image below gives you an example of what I mean.

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