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MacTricksAndTips Widget Update 3


MacTricksAndTips Widget Update

If you are a regular reader on this site you will know that I have my very own widget. This enables you to get all of the latest posts onto your dashboard. Well I have been beavering away at my computer indashcode over the past couple of weeks and I have produced a new widget. I am really pleased with the result. The following post is going to explain a couple of its new features.

Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers 5


Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

For any iPhone or iTouch owners out there I am going to share with you a really cool site. It is a website dedicated to amazing wallpapers formatted and designed to fit perfectly on your iTouch/iPhone. I must say that some of the designs are really cool. I wish I had an iTouch so I could try them out.

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