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Make Quick Multi File Files w/ Terminal 2


Make Quick Multi File Files w/ Terminal

I’ve been playing around with multi file files today. Basically a file that is split up into smaller files for easy upload/download and transfer to other people. Today I am going to show you a quick and easy Terminal trick that can split any files into multiple parts. It is quick and nifty. As well as this since it is a Terminal command you don’t need therecipient to have any special software just a Mac.

Burining A Disk Image (ISO & DMG) 11


Burining A Disk Image (ISO & DMG)

Burning disk images is either really simple (for the people in the know) or really quite difficult for people who are new to Mac or haven’t burnt an image before. This is understandable since earlier today I didn’t really know how to do it. Its no one of those things that is shown very frequently. Like most functions on a Mac its very simple. This post will show you how to turn any file or folder into a disk image for you to use.

Show Hidden Files On Your Mac – Works In Mountain Lion 10.8 33


Show Hidden Files On Your Mac – Works In Mountain Lion 10.8

Did you know that your hard drive is full of hidden files. All of them are hidden to keep your computer running smoothly. But every so often you may want to view those files to see if your computer is acting out of the ordinary or you have mistakingly names something starting with a dot (.) and want to find the file again. There are three ways you can do this. Through an application, through a preference pane, or good old command line. Each have there pros and cons.

Password Protecting A Folder (A Solution) 47


Password Protecting A Folder (A Solution)

Currently there is no easy way in Mac OS X to password protect a folder. You can password protect hard disks through the use of File Vault. But what is needed is an easy way to protect your important files (pr0n), you can do this through the use of a disk image.

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