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Expose and Command Tab Trick 5


Expose and Command Tab Trick

The title may sound a bit weird but this little trick is quite cool. If you use Expose you will realise that you can view every one of one application and every window open at the same time. You can combine this effect with command + tab to achieve and interesting effect.

OSXP Folders – Plugin For Windows Style Folders 3


OSXP Folders – Plugin For Windows Style Folders

This post today is from a recommendation by Kirk, he asked if I could show you his plugin which he has written. I was only to happy to help. In a nutshell, it is a Quicklook plugin which changes the thumbnails in finder to one which looks similar to the ones in Windows, its called Mac OsXP Folders. At this point you are screaming “Windows, Hell Noooo”. But the result is quite interesting and is useful. Its worth checking out anyway.

Good Saving Habits On Your Mac 1


Good Saving Habits On Your Mac

This was a request by Jim on recommendations for good saving habits. Everyone has the odd file thrown anywhere and it can be really annoying to find it again when you need it. Although you do have Spotlight to find the file you are looking for, it is often quicker and easier to find files by looking for them yourself. This post is designed to show Mac newbies (andveterans) good saving habits. It does work out better in the long run.

Add A Preferences Stack 5


Add A Preferences Stack

This tip was an idea of my friend. If you use System Preferences a lot, you may want a quick way of accessing the panes. This little trick is designed to show a simple and easy way to add such a stack to your dock. It does take a little bit of work to set it up. But the results are very useful.

How To Quickly Find A File To Open or Save 5


How To Quickly Find A File To Open or Save

If you are like me you have hundreds of Finder windows open. Each window is a different folder which I am working one. I can quickly move between each one. Life at this point is good. But when I have to open or close a file in any application I then have to navigate to this folder and open the folder. But it takes so long to navigate to a folder especially if it is 10 folders deep and not in the recent places list. There must be a quicker way.

Mac 101: Introducing Finder 8

Mac 101

Mac 101: Introducing Finder

I got an email this morning asking me to do a basic tip. I mean basic. This person who didn’t leave there name is new to the Mac and wanted to know more about Finder. I was more than happy to oblige. This post is designed to run through Finder. It will post some basic information, plus a couple of hints and tips. It is designed to get new people to the OS system up and running. Its not hard to get a hand of Finder. It just takes a bit on no how.

Change The Default Text For Anything 6


Change The Default Text For Anything

This post is a proper hacking post. It is designed to go into the core of the Mac OS X operating system and enable you to change some of the strings that control certain parts of text on your system. For example with this post you will be able to change the new folder name, as well as various other parts of your operating system. Once you get the hang of it you will be able to hack and crack your way to a computer system the way you like it.

Burning Files To Disk 0


Burning Files To Disk

This post come as part of an extension to a previous article and a question sent in by a reader. Previously I have mentioned how you can burn a disk image. This is used for files such as dmg’s and iso’s, so on and so forth. But I didn’t mentioned how you can burn ordinary files. Going through the method of creating the disk image, inserting files is to long and boring. There is a simple way to do this. This post will explain the best method I have found.

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