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Extracting Folder And Application Icons

Normally to extract an applications icon it involves a long method of view the contents of an application, navigating to the right folder and finding the correct image. You can’t even do that in some circumstances. But there is a very simple method of copy and pasting to get the image you want into a new document. You can then use this image in what ever you want. Very useful.

Automatically Set Subfolders Permissions 12


Automatically Set Subfolders Permissions

Sometimes you may want to change the permissions of subfolder and all of there files. This could be down to the simple need to enable them to be read only for part of a server network or in my case allowing files and subfolders and files to be read and write for website development. Its took me a while to figure out how to do this, and it is blindingly obvious.

Folder Tint 0


Folder Tint

This is a cool little application that can change the appearance of your folder icons quickly and easily. Its called Folder Tint and it is designed to run with the Core Animation engine to enable you to change the effects of folders within your system.

Changing A Mac OS X Folder Icon 19


Changing A Mac OS X Folder Icon

You may want to after a while change a folder icon. This is a pretty simple process to do but its hard to get the hang off. But Apple Mac Tips will be your to savior. To begin, find an icon you like. A Good place is interface lift.

Once you have found your icon right click and “Get Info” on both you icon file and the folder you wish to change.

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