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Hiding Folders On Your Mac 22


Hiding Folders On Your Mac

If you want to hide folders on your computer to keep your “Work” safe it is simple and easy to do. It involves a little bit of Finder no how and a bit of time. It simple to implement as you simple make the folder you want to find into a dot folder. A dot folder, be default, it hidden on a Mac. As a result to the casual browser on your computer it will appear hidden.

Mail Folder Tips 5


Mail Folder Tips

Mail is a great program. But the problem is after a while you can clutter it up with a lot of emails and RSS feeds. This tip today will be about creating folders, both smart and normal to enable you to organise your life a bit better. For a new user it is not as easy as you would think.

Most people would organise email addresses through folders. In Mail they are not called Folders they are called Mailboxes. You can make a new mail box by either pressing the plus in the bottom of the sidebar or from Mailbox > New Mailbox.

Create Graphical View Of Folders In Terminal 4


Create Graphical View Of Folders In Terminal

This is a rather cool unix/linux trick that is used to create a graphical representation of the current sub-directories in the current folder. For example you get a a cool text view of all of the folders within Terminal. For example if you look at the image below you should get a better idea of what I am on about.

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