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Obamaify Photos For PhotoBooth or iChat 2


Obamaify Photos For PhotoBooth or iChat

Since Obama has been elected president of the United States of America, there has been a couple of cool little apps and program coping the style of his election program. One of the coolest ones I have found for the Mac is aiChat and PhotoBooth quartz plugin that can make any photo look like his famous hope posters.

Foldit – Solve Puzzles For Science 1


Foldit – Solve Puzzles For Science

Since games for Mac’s are a little on the short side I have found a gem that could you use to waste some time. Its called Foldit, and is design to be enjoyable as well as help in protein folding science. I find it really fun, and it is all in the name of science. You do need a fast computer and definitely one that is plugged in if you are on a laptop.

Phun, 2D Physics Sandbox Released For Mac 0


Phun, 2D Physics Sandbox Released For Mac

Phun is my most favourite applications in the world. It’s the 2D physics sandbox that lets your really play around with physics in a fun way. For a long while it was only available on Windows (and I think Linux). People were always asking when it would be released on Mac, and that date is finally here. Download it and have a play.

Play Games In Terminal 30


Play Games In Terminal

This is a very cool trick that enables you to play a couple of games within Terminal. They are only basic games such as pong, tetris and a few others. Its simple to do and only requires the use of Terminal and a little bit of know how.

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