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Spore – In Depth Game Review 3


Spore – In Depth Game Review

One of the biggest games to hit the market at the moment is Spore. It is every where at the moment, on PC’s, Macs, Nintendo DS’s and best of all the iPhone. The game in a nutshell, if you have not heard of the title, consists of you working your way up from a small microscopic organism. Evolving along the way changing your appearance, statistics, your looks and so on. You move on from being a small cell, to a larger creature. You then move on from being a single creature to controlling the tribe, then a city and finally a universe. Each stage being more complex than the last. Although this game comes in many forms for many formats, I am going to focus on the Mac and PC version. They are both identical in nature. In fact they come on the same disk.

Frenzic – An Addictive Mac Game 2


Frenzic – An Addictive Mac Game

Yesterday I mentioned about Ten Time Wasting Apps. One of the applications on the list was Frenzic. I was so impressed by how fun and addicting this game was I felt it deserved a full review. This idea behind Frenzic is pretty simple. You have to fill up the out circles (or pie’s) with the piece you are given. When you fill up a circle you get some points. The more points the higher you will be placed on the leader board.

Tetris On Your Mac – Quinn 4


Tetris On Your Mac – Quinn

I like Tetris. I such a fun little game to play and good fun to while away the minutes and every so often hours if you have nothing to do. This latest incarnation is called Quinn. It does a very good job of the Tetris game play and introduces a couple of different and fun features for you to use and enjoy. Best of all this application is free.

Foldit – Solve Puzzles For Science 1


Foldit – Solve Puzzles For Science

Since games for Mac’s are a little on the short side I have found a gem that could you use to waste some time. Its called Foldit, and is design to be enjoyable as well as help in protein folding science. I find it really fun, and it is all in the name of science. You do need a fast computer and definitely one that is plugged in if you are on a laptop.

Phun, 2D Physics Sandbox Released For Mac 0


Phun, 2D Physics Sandbox Released For Mac

Phun is my most favourite applications in the world. It’s the 2D physics sandbox that lets your really play around with physics in a fun way. For a long while it was only available on Windows (and I think Linux). People were always asking when it would be released on Mac, and that date is finally here. Download it and have a play.

Play Games In Terminal 30


Play Games In Terminal

This is a very cool trick that enables you to play a couple of games within Terminal. They are only basic games such as pong, tetris and a few others. Its simple to do and only requires the use of Terminal and a little bit of know how.

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