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Installing Hidden Screen Savers In Leopard 33


Installing Hidden Screen Savers In Leopard

This tip comes from messing around with my system and general clues about how screen savers work from various forums. The basic idea behind this trick is to install some cool screen savers that are not in the most obvious positions. Its quick and simple to do. As well as this there are some really cool effects that should really be installed by default. There are two sets, the black and white version included on every system and some really amazing screen savers found only on your Leopard disk. These could be found in Tiger you would have to look your self.

Use Your Wii Remote On Your Mac 2


Use Your Wii Remote On Your Mac

The Wii is one of the coolest gaming consoles around. I just love the concept and games on it. So what is better than paring your Wiimote with your Mac. Its doesn’t take long and the results are really fun.

To pair your Wiimote head over to Remote Buddy and download the software. There is a free trial for 15 days. As well as this the final version doesn’t cost the earth, only 20 euros. Anyway once you have downloaded and installed the software your are ready to go. It may take a little way and ask you to install a couple of extra drivers.

Finder Sidebar Separators 1


Finder Sidebar Separators

The sidebar in Finder 10.5 is great, I like how it works and how it is designed. But there is one small problem that could be improved and that is separators. Separators are designed to visually split up your interface. You can usually move these about. They are a great way of simply organizing your workspace.

A "Hidden" Feature Of Dictionary 3


A "Hidden" Feature Of Dictionary

This really isn’t a hidden feature, hence the speech marks, but it is a cool feature of the dictionary application that not many people know about. If you load up dictionary from applications you can access the front and back covers. If you haven’t ever picked up a dictionary before these contain some tables of elements, US presidents, abbreviations and other cool things such as how to use the dictionary.

Enable Time Machine On Unupported Drives 1

Time Machine

Enable Time Machine On Unupported Drives

In the new release of Mac OS X Leopard, Apple added a really cool program called Time Machine. Time machine was an automatic program that enabled you to back up your entire hard drive without you doing anything. This was great there was no need for manual backups. All you needed was a drive attached to your computer. But here lies a problem. Time Machine only works with drives that are supported. As a result network drives are no goes. But some clever sod, has found a way around this using a simple terminal command that allows you to use a network drive, also know as an unsupported drive.

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