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Small List Of GeekTool Commands 25


Small List Of GeekTool Commands

I have a new love on my Mac. That is the application GeekTool. It combines my love of Terminal and my love of the Mac’s GUI. The idea behind GeekTool is to display text on your desktop so you can see useful pieces of information. I like it because I don’t have to keep using Terminal. If you want more information check out my review on iLoveMacApps.

Get The Help Window Into The Background 7


Get The Help Window Into The Background

This is only a quick trick since my head hurts. Anyway if you open up the help window from Help > [App Name] Help you can move it around but it will be in front of the application window. This can be very annoying. Simply because you can’t really use both the help viewer and the application at the same time. There is a solution and as usual it is found in a Terminal command.

View Terminal Help Pages Online 2


View Terminal Help Pages Online

A while ago I mentioned about finding help pages in Terminal. Where by using the “man” command plus the name of the Terminal program you want to find out about you can view its information. What actually happens is Terminal goes onto theInternet and finds the help page online. Since it is going online why don’t you surf the site directly?

Terminal Help Pages 5


Terminal Help Pages

After you get to use Terminal more and more you will come across commands that you don’t know what they do. Instead of searching the internet you can find help pages right in Terminal. It works with every command that you can use withing Terminal.

Todos – Find Every Application 5


Todos – Find Every Application

As your Macintosh gets used and grows in size with applications you will find it quite hard to keep track of all of them in a simple to use way. What Todos does is provide you a simple interface from the menu bar that shows every single applications installed on you computer in a clear palette which you can then use to open any application you want.

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