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A Cool Mac OS X Icon Set 6


A Cool Mac OS X Icon Set

For people who get a little bored of the original Mac icons used in applications Elite By Design has created a new icon set which I thought you guys might enjoy. If you are familiar with the iPhone icons, with the glass bezel and rounded corners, theses are in a similar style. In the pack there are two sets, black and white and 128px x 128px and 64px x 64px.

Hide Icon Previews 0


Hide Icon Previews

Icon previews on Leopard are a love hate relationship. For example images, videos, and any other program which renders a large visual image is great for an icon preview. You can quickly see what is happening with out looking at the file name or using quick look to view the file properly. On the other hand it can be a bit of a pain. For example if you have a lot of work documents, including text, spreadsheets, websites to some extent you will probably get a white icon with very small text. This means that in a Finder window full of icons it can be hard to find and differentiate the between files, due to them all being white squares. The option is very simple, turn off preview.

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