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Paintbrush – Paint For The Mac 12


Paintbrush – Paint For The Mac

If you have every used a Windows machine you will know of paint. The best drawing tool for the PC. On a Mac we are not so lucky and don’t come which such as an application. But some clever person has made a Cocoa-based paint program for Mac OS X. Its called Paintbrush. If you are a graphic designer on a Mac it is the only program you will ever need. You won’t need Photoshop after you have used this application.

Cool iPhone Icon Sets 2


Cool iPhone Icon Sets

Sort of following on from a previous post about a cool Mac icon set. This post is about 35 free set for your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone at the moment so I can’t test them out. But I do know what looks good. Some of those designs are very cool. Its been a very design centric day. This post is very similar.

Good Mac Wallpapers 2


Good Mac Wallpapers

I love adorning my desktop with good wallpapers. A good piece of art is always welcome. After browsing deviantArt i’ve come across a good wallpaper which I would like to share with you. It is also rather simple to recreate yourself. The wallpaper in question is called Addictive. It is a collection of Mac desktop icons, simple but effective. The preview is shown below. Click through to the site for the full size version.

Change The App A Camera Opens With 2


Change The App A Camera Opens With

If you read my last post on Time Lapse Movies With Quicktime, you will have noticed that you can use images taken from a camera. The one of the problems I faced for a long time and bugged my immensely was the applications that was opened when you connected a camera. After a lot of searching on my computer, I found the small applications that is hidden away which changes the settings. You may also be able to do it in iPhoto, Aperture etc, but this post is designed to cater for every one.

GrabUp – Send ScreenShots To The Web 2


GrabUp – Send ScreenShots To The Web

Quite a long time ago I mentioned a post about taking screen shots. This post is sort of an extension to it, which brings in some new features. Mainly the ability to upload all of your screenshots directly to the internet, with out the need for any Flickr accounts or similar. Its all done through a small program.

Quickly Resize Images 5


Quickly Resize Images

If you ever need to work in design, whether it be web design, Photoshop work, or general image editing. You may need to resize an image. There ain’t many methods which you can do it quickly and easily. I have found two methods, one has an awesome GUI (General User Interface) and the other is more script based.

Taking Screen Shots 3


Taking Screen Shots

Do you ever need to take a screen shot of your screen, a piece of work, a step in a tutorial. You may notice that a Mac keyboard doesn’t have a Print Screen button, unless you are using a third party keyboard. This can be annoying, but Apple have included to ways of taking screen shots, one of them is really cool and simple short cut method.

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