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The Anatomy Of Network Preferences 1


The Anatomy Of Network Preferences

Networks can be complicated and for anyone that isn’t a computer geek may find the Network Preference Pane a bit complicated. Although there is an assistant this post is designed to give people who are less confident with playing with preferences a bit better of an idea of what everything means. It may also help you figure out solutions to when things go wrong. The preference pane shown below is the Leopard version. The Tiger and earlier versions differ slightly but they are essentially the same.

An Introduction To Quartz Composer 0


An Introduction To Quartz Composer

After my recent post about cool hidden screen savers I have been fiddling with the Quartz Composer more and more. This post will serve as an introduction to the application as well as the pre post to a tutorial that I will posting in the next couple of days. As with all of the images posted on this site you can click any of them to see a larger version, it helps understand some of the explanation given.

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