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Throttling Bandwidth On A Mac 7


Throttling Bandwidth On A Mac

Since most of us have a limited Internet connection where we can only download so much data, it can be useful to throttle our bandwidth so we don’t use so much. This post is in response to a submission by Grant to the sort of tips he would like to see. Although you can’t specifically limit the amount of data sent by each person, you can limit your overall network usage. There are many applications out there that can do this sort of technique, although the ones I have tried are not that good. Just using Terminal seems to be the quickest.

Using Subversion 2


Using Subversion

Subversion is a great way to keep files updated on a webserver. It is used by developers to make sure every file they use is the latest and every one is running the same piece of code. This very brief post details what subversion is and how to use it. Like most Terminal commands they are simple to pickup but hard to master.

Free Yourself From The Internet 1


Free Yourself From The Internet

I end up spending a lot of time on the internet when I should be doing work. As a result productivity ends up tanking. Mostly due to spending so much waste time, wikipedia comes to mind. Anyway there is a little application that can help you by disabling both your ethernet and wi-fi through a small command.

Monitor Your Network Connections 0


Monitor Your Network Connections

Network work security is getting more and more important for the security of any computer. Did you know that many applications dial home. Most of the time these isn’t a problem but you may want to keep an eye on what is happening. The solution to this is to monitor your internet connections using Little Snitch.

Configuring Usenet 4


Configuring Usenet

Usenet is a great part of the internet. You can chat to people download files and do other wondrous stuff. But for a person that is new to this technology it is a bit hard to get your head around it and configuring it to work. But this post will hopefully clear up how to step it up and start navigating around. I am going to use Unison, a great little application from Panic. It is very simple to use.

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