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Make Your Own iPhone Wallpaper in Preview 2


Make Your Own iPhone Wallpaper in Preview

In the previous post on this site I mentioned about 99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers, most of the wallpapers were specifically designed to be iPhone wallpapers. In this post I want to show you how easy it is to turn any image on your Mac, into one designed and set up correctly for the iPhone. This tutorial is designed to take a picture of your favourite car or family member and crop it to the right size.

99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers 13


99 Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

Its been quite a while isn’t I have done a list post. Todays post is going to be featuring some amazing iPhone and iTouch wallpapers. I currently don’t have an iPhone because I can’t afford one, however I do know good design when I see it. All afternoon I have been searching the web for good designs that work on the small canvas that is the iPhones screen space.

Make Your Own iPhone Interface Mockup 0


Make Your Own iPhone Interface Mockup

I hope you had a happy Easter holiday, I had a fun time doing nothing, while eating a lot of chocolate. Anyway, I found this while I was happily surfing the web. Its a Photoshop file which you can use to make a very detailed and realistic mockup of the iPhone’s interface.

Cool iPhone Icon Sets 2


Cool iPhone Icon Sets

Sort of following on from a previous post about a cool Mac icon set. This post is about 35 free set for your iPhone. I don’t have an iPhone at the moment so I can’t test them out. But I do know what looks good. Some of those designs are very cool. Its been a very design centric day. This post is very similar.

iPhone Timeline 0


iPhone Timeline

I haven’t covered much of the *amazing* iPhone launch simply because I am not getting an iPhone, I can’t afford the price tag for the contract, and many other sites always seem to be quicker at getting their news out quicker than me. Anyway, I was stumbling my way around the Internet and I came across a rather cool picture of the time line of the iPhone. I though I might share it with you.

What To Do With Your Old iPhone 5


What To Do With Your Old iPhone

The release date for the new iPhone is coming fast and if you are planning to buy a new 3G iPhone you may be stuck for ideas for what to do with your old 2G iPhone. If you simply can’t stand having an old out-dated lesser model in your house. Here are some ideas that you could use to rid yourself of a great piece of technology. There are hundreds of ways you could use to get rid of your iPhone.

Amazing iPhone Wallpapers 0


Amazing iPhone Wallpapers

The worlds best, in my opinion, of iPhone wallpapers. None of those rubbish rip of sites you find. This site has the best designs and themes. Makes me wish I had an iPhone.

Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers 5


Brilliant iPhone and iPod Touch Wallpapers

For any iPhone or iTouch owners out there I am going to share with you a really cool site. It is a website dedicated to amazing wallpapers formatted and designed to fit perfectly on your iTouch/iPhone. I must say that some of the designs are really cool. I wish I had an iTouch so I could try them out.

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