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Using iTunes – #16 Noob2Pro 1


Using iTunes – #16 Noob2Pro

Today we are moving onto iTunes. The music player for Mac and Windows. Similar to the Mail post yesterday I am not going to do a major overview of iTunes, I am going to point out a couple of major points to make your life a little easier. I will focus on storing and making sure your iTunes library is in the best possible shape and using Smart playlists so you can quickly and easily access your music.

Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide 3


Introduction to iTunes – A Beginners Guide

Following in the series of introducing new users to various parts of the operating system, todays topic is iTunes. I love iTunes. I think it is one of the best music playing applications out there. For any new users to a Mac or even the app this guide will hopefully show you a couple of places on the web which can be useful pointers to increasing your knowledge. This post will be split into the usual four sections, in the App, Online, in a book and in store.

Get iTunes Songs From Amazon 0


Get iTunes Songs From Amazon

This cool little application as brought to my attention by Steve. Its an application designed to take you automatically to the Amazon MP3 Store from iTunes. The idea behind this is that you can usally get the MP3 a lot cheaper on Amazon, as a result you can save some money. A simple little application which could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Controlling The Visualiser in iTunes 3


Controlling The Visualiser in iTunes

I have been meaning to do this post for a long while now but I have never got round to it. The iTunes visualiser is a really interesting feature for iTunes 8. Its a big upgrade from the previous version. Accompanying the upgrade is a new set of controls. These controls change how the visualiser looks and works. If you are new to iTunes you may not know many of these keys. This post will hopefully example them to you.

Set Half Ratings In iTunes 1


Set Half Ratings In iTunes

This little Terminal trick seems to be whizzing around the Internet at the moment, I might as well show it to you if you haven’t already seen it. If you have used iTunes at all you will know that there is a star rating system for songs. Each star is out of 5 and can only be a whole star. With this little hidden preference option, you can now add stars which are equal to a half, enabling you to have a 10 star rating system in effect. Its simple.

Use iTunes as an Alarm Clock 15

Apple Script

Use iTunes as an Alarm Clock

Earlier today I mentioned about . Awaken is a small application that you can use to set iTunes to go off at a particular time. This means that you can use it as an alarm clock. Although Awaken is a good application the main function, or setting aniTunes alarm, can be done free with a little bit of scripting and know how. This post will show you the basics. You can then take it further as you see fit.

Moving Your iTunes Library 1


Moving Your iTunes Library

As your music collection grows and you buy, download and add more songs to your library you will eventually run out of space on your hard drive. As a result you may want to move you songs to another disk to free up some space. This can be done very simply, but you just need to make sure you do the correct steps in the right order or you end up having to re-import your songs and that is always a pain.

iTunes To Twitter AppleScript 6

Apple Script

iTunes To Twitter AppleScript

I’m starting to like Twitter. Its kind of fun, and a good way to keep up to date. I have a Mac Tricks And Tips Twitter feed, if you want to keep upto date with the latest posts, news and updates. I will probably be using it a lot over the next couple of days as this site is updated. Anyway, I have been playing around with a couple of AppleScripts that are really fun. They are designed to post your current iTunes track to Twitter. The potential to run up hundreds of tweets is bound to happen.

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