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Quickly Write Accented Characters 9


Quickly Write Accented Characters

In a multi-cultural, multi-langage world there is various different characters and letters which appear in every day language. One of the main characters which appear quite a lot is accented characters (è). Normally you would have to open up the characterpalette find the letter you want out of the millions that exist and then insert it into your document. You would then have to repeat this process over again with the different characters. That takes a long time. But you can use a handy little shortcut.

Taking Apart & Cleaning A MBP Keyboard 27


Taking Apart & Cleaning A MBP Keyboard

After you have used your MacBookPro (and other Macs) for a while crud and crap gets lodged under the keys. Although this doesn’t really effect MacBooks (older pre Oct 14th version at least) the silver MacBook Pros tend to get a bit dirty. At this point I am unsure whether it will be of use to the newer MacBooks/Pros (after Oct 14th), but if you keyboard is dirty already, you must be doing something wrong.

Find The Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard 1


Find The Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard

I was hunting around the various menu’s of Terminal a bit earlier today. I was a bit bored and I had a look it see what they could offer. Anyway I came across the following shortcut in the View menu and I was a bit perplexed at what key it could be. I tried both up and right at the same time, but nothing did seem to work.

Forward Delete On MacBooks 24


Forward Delete On MacBooks

You have you new MacBook or MacBook Pro and you think its great but there is one problem, you do not no where the forward delete key is. The forward delete is the key near the cursors in that block of 6 or 8 keys. This, as described, deletes the character in front of the cursor. The forward delete does not appear on MacBooks or MacBook Pros but there is a solution, the Function Button.

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