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Mac Apps For Being An Efficient User 4


Mac Apps For Being An Efficient User

I like working efficiently I try to do everything as fast as possible with the minimum amount of fuss, this way I can do more with my time. As a result I pick Mac apps that can help me speed up my day to day life. This includes apps that do certain jobs for me, or apps that enable me to cut corners, its not a specific list on how to do one thing quickly and easily. Hopefully you will agree with my list and try out a couple. If you have anymore you want to add to the list please leave a comment. I haven’t done lists in a while so I thoughts I would do one today since I have some free time.

Ten Fun Mac Apps To Waste Time With 2


Ten Fun Mac Apps To Waste Time With

Its Friday. The end of the week is here, the week end is just a couple of hours away. What can you do to entertain yourself while those last couple of hours tick away before you can be released from work. The answer is time wasting apps. This apps serve no real purpose except for entertainment. This list of ten items, is designed to be fun and let the time slip away. Be careful, before long you could be comeaddicted and end up doing more than just wasting time. Most of the apps on this list are games, but games are always fun. This list is in no particular order.

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