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How Long Has Your Mac Been On? 32


How Long Has Your Mac Been On?

I was wondering the other day how long I could keep my Mac on before an update or crash of some sort would require a restart. Thankfully the update came first (Mac’s don’t crash). I managed to last 14 days before I had to restart. I was wondering how long have you kept your Mac on, and did you experience any problems.

How To Set Up A Printer On Your Mac 9


How To Set Up A Printer On Your Mac

Installing and using printers is a funny subject on a Mac. I always get a response that printers won’t work, they are hard to install etc. The truth is that installing a printer on a Mac is a lot simpler than you may think. Like most tricks on a Mac you need to know the method, it is then simple to replicate. As well as this I will also show you one of the coolest printer tricks I have ever found.

Hide A Programs Dock Icon 7


Hide A Programs Dock Icon

This is only a quick tip, but it is very useful. If you remember a long time ago, or so it seems, I mentioned how to stop the dock icon of an AppleScript from bouncing. I was bored this morning so I decided to have a play with this small piece of code and see if it would effect anything else. Alas, it does and you can hide any programs dock icon. Useful if you have an application which you want to run constantly but you don’t want its dock icon (SETI@Home comes to mind).

Apple At The Olympic Games 0


Apple At The Olympic Games

I’m loving the Olympics at the moment. All the sport on all the time on TV it is great. Anyway I was intrigued by an article over at Macworld. It mentioned about the Mac production room that has been set up by Apple for photographers to edit there photos using Aperture. A great marketing move. I wanted to discuss this topic a bit more. As well as gauge your thoughts on such a topic. If I was a photographer I would love some free Mac Pros to work with. This post is sort of a discussion/roundup, which I wanted to share with you.

Getting Your Mac To Be A Speed Daemon 4


Getting Your Mac To Be A Speed Daemon

If you have a Mac you will want to get the fastest possible speed out of it. There are a couple of tips and tricks which you can employ to get the most out your Macinstosh and make it into a speed daemon. Although this post wont enable you to make your Mac magically a hundreds times faster, it will enable you to complete tasks just that little bit quicker. A few of theses tips you wont notice the difference in, but with some tips it could enable your Mac to start up, for example, considerably quicker. I have used most of these tips and I have seen a big improvement.

Amazing Mac Music Video 5


Amazing Mac Music Video

A really cool music video using a Mac. A very catchy song that I haven’t been able to get out of my head for days.

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