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Maintaining A MacBook’s Battery Life 9


Maintaining A MacBook’s Battery Life

MacBook batteries (including Pro’s) will eventually die out. As with any battery they need to be used in a sensible manner to keep the battery health as long as possible. I have mentioned before about calibrating batteries. But the this post is going to be about making sure you get the most out of your battery.

Clicking With A Macbook/Pro Touchpad 29


Clicking With A Macbook/Pro Touchpad

Many people who by laptops (especially Windows laptops), use the trackpad/touch pad as a means of clicking. By default this is switched off to Mac users, on the flip side it is normally on for Windows users. It is always funny to see a new Mac user trying to click with the touch pad and jabbing there finger ever harder on the touch pad. Thats not the purpose of this story, switching it on is.

Static On MacBooks – Wireless Problems? 10


Static On MacBooks – Wireless Problems?

This is a bit on an unconfirmed rumor on my part but I would like to post about and see what your feedback on the problem is. In a nutshell I have found on my MacBook Pro there seems to be a build up of static electricity. This is obviously present, since rubbing my hand over certain parts of the body I can feel a small electric charge discharging. This is only a minor discharge but it is still a build up of static electricity, good job I don’t have a heart condition.

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