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Must Have Menu Bar Applications 36


Must Have Menu Bar Applications

It has been a long while since I have done a “Top X” post. I do enjoy writing them and looking for new, different and most used applications. Its fun all of the research side. If you can cast you mind back I have previously written about the Top 50 Terminal Command and the Top 100 Mac Applications. Theses were bot very successful and a lot of people enjoyed reading them. This time I am going to write about Must Have Menu Bar Applications.

Control iTunes From The Menu Bar 3


Control iTunes From The Menu Bar

As the name generally implies this little app is designed to quick switch the the next, previous or pause the current track. As well as this yo can also find more information. By installing the application and setting it to load on log in, you can access all of these features. Its simple to use and take a lot of the pain out of switching tracks when that annoying tune comes on. You can by clicking the drop down button get a lot more information that you would normally find in iTunes. You can, for the most part, close iTunes window and run it through the menu bar.

Move Menu Bar Items Around 10


Move Menu Bar Items Around

This is one tip is really quite interesting. For a really long time I couldn’t for the life of me find out how to move Menu Bar items around. As a result I found the items that I wanted to use disappearing since I have so many and the ones I use tend to get hidden by applications menus such as help etc.

iStat Menus 0


iStat Menus

This post is about a really cool menu bar application called iStat Menus and widget. It featured in my Top 100 Essential Mac Applications. iStat is all about giving menus which you can use to easily monitor what is happening you your computer. There very useful if you like to know exactly what is going on in you Mac.

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