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Set A Movie As A Wallpaper 7


Set A Movie As A Wallpaper

The idea for this post came from a request by Joshua. He asked: “Is there a program which can enable you to set a movie as the wallpaper”. I didn’t bother looking for a program, I immediatly turned to Quartz Composer. There is probably a program out there which can enable to do such as thing. But this post is going to focus on Quartz instead. The idea behind this post is to set up a screensaver, which is your movie, and then play it on the desktop. Very simple and very effective.

If you are new to Quartz Composer I reccommend you check out An Introdcution to Quartz Composer, Gradient Image Reflection and Video Distortion. These three posts introduce both background knowledge, and more complex tutorials. This post is going to be quite simple in comparision. But it may gloss over a couple of points which mayt be mentioned in previous posts.

Gawker – Create Time Lapse Movies 0


Gawker – Create Time Lapse Movies

A very cool little application that enables you to create very quick and easy time lapse movies. It uses the power of your iSight camera, as well as your desktop, to capture the video. You can change the capture settings from 1 seconds to as long as you want. The final files are small and can be easily used in other applications.

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