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University Is Over, Lets Begin The Summer 1


University Is Over, Lets Begin The Summer

If you have followed my Twitter feed at all you may have noticed I had plenty of exams on at University. I am very glad that these have now finished. Since summer has started I have got plenty of free time, as a result I am going to expand and increase the amount of posts on this blog and on other sites.

Visit Me At Alltop 2


Visit Me At Alltop

This is a little shoutout about a cool little site you should visit if you are an avid Mac fan. If you head over the you can visit a whole page of the latest Mac News. It brings all of the latest feeds from some of the big and small Mac sites and puts it all on one page. I have just been included, yey, as usual with theses kinds of things I am at the bottom of the list.

Make Your Own Mix Offer 0


Make Your Own Mix Offer

I like good software for the Mac. I also like cheap software. What is better than good software being heavily discounted? This site, called Mac Mix Promo, is designed around giving you good software at a cheap price. As limited offer, similar to MacPromo and MacHeist. For every piece of software you buy you earn so much off. It similar to the promos we have all heard off, but is designed to give you more control and more of a discount.

iPhone Timeline 0


iPhone Timeline

I haven’t covered much of the *amazing* iPhone launch simply because I am not getting an iPhone, I can’t afford the price tag for the contract, and many other sites always seem to be quicker at getting their news out quicker than me. Anyway, I was stumbling my way around the Internet and I came across a rather cool picture of the time line of the iPhone. I though I might share it with you.

Spore 2 Released Date Announced 1


Spore 2 Released Date Announced

One of the coolest games that is going to be released this year has just announced its retail date. This game is Spore and its available for Mac, which makes the game extra cool. The release date is September 7th. So it is quite a while away but it is nearly in reach.

Welcome To Mac Tricks And Tips 0


Welcome To Mac Tricks And Tips

Welcome to Mac Tricks And Tips. This blog will be all about tips and tricks and you can do on your Apple Mac. It will include that latests tips for the best programs. Tricks for making your operating system the best possible. It will also feature news about the latest offerings in the Mac world. Expect regular updates. Subscribe to the RSS feed, its located on the top right. If you have any problem please leave a comment. I will love to hear from you.

In the mean time sit tight, I will be posting soon.

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