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View PDF’s In Firefox 3 7


View PDF’s In Firefox 3

I like using PDF’s. I don’t know why. Its just a format that always seems to work with the minimum amount of fuss. I like them so much that I get really annoyed if someone sends me a Word documents or similar instead of a PDF. Since PDF’s have become big business a lot of websites host them for you to view. Most normal browsers will display them as a normal web page. Firefox 3 doesn’t. This can get very annoying. There is a plugin which I will discuss today to get around this glaring hole.

Joining PDF Files Together In Preview 8


Joining PDF Files Together In Preview

PDF’s are great. If you need a document which can open on any platform and display correctly, PDF is what you need. One problem I have found is I tend to accumulate PDF files. This is a problem simply because the folder ends up with hundreds of documents. There is a quick and simple way to join all of these files together. It uses Preview, one of my favourite applications. It doesn’t take long, only a little bit of work.

Leopard Security Guide 0


Leopard Security Guide

I must have missed the memo when this one was released. A while ago Apple released their security guide for Leopard and its a whopper. Racking in at over 240 pages it contains 13 chapters of security for your computer. Not every piece in the guide is designed for the new user, there is definitely some complex stuff in this PDF.

Save Anything As A PDF 4


Save Anything As A PDF

Saving documents as PDF is very easy one a Mac. By using the built in feature within all of the print dialogs you can make your own PDF’s. It doesn’t need and extra programs and special hacks. It enables PDF’s to be quickly and easily made to share with your friends and family. It doesn’t have the advance features of Adobe but it is features packed for many peoples needs but it is still very useful.

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