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Change The App A Camera Opens With 2


Change The App A Camera Opens With

If you read my last post on Time Lapse Movies With Quicktime, you will have noticed that you can use images taken from a camera. The one of the problems I faced for a long time and bugged my immensely was the applications that was opened when you connected a camera. After a lot of searching on my computer, I found the small applications that is hidden away which changes the settings. You may also be able to do it in iPhoto, Aperture etc, but this post is designed to cater for every one.

Taking Screen Shots 3


Taking Screen Shots

Do you ever need to take a screen shot of your screen, a piece of work, a step in a tutorial. You may notice that a Mac keyboard doesn’t have a Print Screen button, unless you are using a third party keyboard. This can be annoying, but Apple have included to ways of taking screen shots, one of them is really cool and simple short cut method.

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