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Lorem Ipsum Coda Plugin 1


Lorem Ipsum Coda Plugin

I love Coda, I have written about it a couple of times before, my inital review, tips & tricks and some Coda clips. In the latest version they have added a new feature, plugins. Although limited at the moment to the number of plugins available, there is a cool one which I thought I should share with you.

Remember Those Mail Attachments – Plugin 3


Remember Those Mail Attachments – Plugin

One of the worst things you can do with email is send a message stating you have included an attachment but you forget to send it. You have to send another email with the attachment, you have just owned yourself over email. Thankfully some clever person has manged to use the undocumented API of Mail and set up a simple scanner which tells you if you have have forgot to send an email.

An Ultimate List Of Quicklook Plugins 13


An Ultimate List Of Quicklook Plugins

In my previous post I mentioned about Quicklook plugins. It got me interested into how many plugins there are and what ones you can get. As a result I have looked all over the web for some the best Quicklook plugins. These are designed for nearly every file time imaginable. Some of them are really cool and should probably be included with the system, some are more unique and are for special groups of users who use specific files. There are 20 plugins in total. Arranged in alphabetical order, all of the links will take you to the download page. Most are free although there are a couple that you have to pay for. Clicking on any of the images will give you the full size version if you want to take a closer look. If I have missed off any please leave a comment. As a side note, usually all Quicklook plugins will enable the same features in coverflow.

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