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Secrets Preference Pane 4


Secrets Preference Pane

Quite a while ago I mentioned my Top 50 Terminal Commands. These were terminal commands that enabled you to access “hidden” features of the operating system. I reality they are not hidden, they are not on any preference pane. This is where the Secrets Preference Pane comes in. It includes hundreds of commands that enable you to find hidden settings at the click of a button. It is similar to working with Terminal except everything is organized in pleasant to view lists and drop down boxes for your convenience.

Hidden Mac OS X Preference Panes 4


Hidden Mac OS X Preference Panes

This I think is a real trick that could save you some time . The aim of this trick is to install two hand preference panes in System Preferences (Applications > System Preferences). It is designed as a quick short cut to enable you to access some settings that you may need, also it is really cool to show off to your Mac friends. It is really simple to do and doesn’t involve anything complex. The two that will be installed are Archives and Disk Images, not the most used applications in the world, but cool none the less.

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