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Quick Preview Search Tips 0


Quick Preview Search Tips

I use Preview a lot when reading PDF’s and the sort. I mentioned a couple of days ago about exporting PDF’s to text files. Anyway I want to mention a couple of quick Preview searching tips to tide you over. They are simple but useful.

Joining PDF Files Together In Preview 8


Joining PDF Files Together In Preview

PDF’s are great. If you need a document which can open on any platform and display correctly, PDF is what you need. One problem I have found is I tend to accumulate PDF files. This is a problem simply because the folder ends up with hundreds of documents. There is a quick and simple way to join all of these files together. It uses Preview, one of my favourite applications. It doesn’t take long, only a little bit of work.

Good Mac Wallpapers 2


Good Mac Wallpapers

I love adorning my desktop with good wallpapers. A good piece of art is always welcome. After browsing deviantArt i’ve come across a good wallpaper which I would like to share with you. It is also rather simple to recreate yourself. The wallpaper in question is called Addictive. It is a collection of Mac desktop icons, simple but effective. The preview is shown below. Click through to the site for the full size version.

Preview Image Resize Bug 2


Preview Image Resize Bug

I came across this really funny bug within Preview. Basically I was trying to resize a 128 x 128 pixel png with transparency down to 75 pixels square. This was done through Tools > Adjust Size within Preview. The problem that arose was the final image being 904,074.7 TB in size. Thats Terrabytes. The next step up from Gigabytes. I did manage to get is up to 1 exabyte but I can’t remember how exactly I did it. That size by the way is probably all the information on every computer in world. Its massive.

Quickly Resize Images 5


Quickly Resize Images

If you ever need to work in design, whether it be web design, Photoshop work, or general image editing. You may need to resize an image. There ain’t many methods which you can do it quickly and easily. I have found two methods, one has an awesome GUI (General User Interface) and the other is more script based.

Install Adobe Kuler Into The Colour Palette 3


Install Adobe Kuler Into The Colour Palette

If you have ever use Colour Lovers or Adobe Kuler they are website dedicated to colour and colour palettes, great for designers or any one in need of a couple of matching colours. What some clever folk has done is make a small plugin/application that enables you to access the power of Adobe Kuler within the colour palette of Apple. For example when you want to pick a colour there is a small tab to enable you to search through the libraries. I’ll explain what I mean.

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