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Quickly Print Files From Finder 5


Quickly Print Files From Finder

I am for ever sending files to the printer, for what ever reason, I want a quick way to print those files from Finder. Usually you would have to open the file in your chosen application, what for everything to load, go to print and then pick it up. That takes to long. This post will show you two quick ways to print a file without the need to setup all of the various settings. It will throw it out of your printer as quick as possible.

How To Set Up A Printer On Your Mac 9


How To Set Up A Printer On Your Mac

Installing and using printers is a funny subject on a Mac. I always get a response that printers won’t work, they are hard to install etc. The truth is that installing a printer on a Mac is a lot simpler than you may think. Like most tricks on a Mac you need to know the method, it is then simple to replicate. As well as this I will also show you one of the coolest printer tricks I have ever found.

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