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Find Out Why Firefox Crashes 19


Find Out Why Firefox Crashes

Firefox is the best browser in the world in my opinion but every so often it will crash. This is a very short post that is designed to get to the core of the problem. It does take a while to implement. But the rewards are a non crashing browser that works every time.

Solving Misbehaving Applications 1


Solving Misbehaving Applications

Every so often an application will misbehave. It wont do what you want. For example Mail will not download new emails, iCal will not change a calender. Although you could go through clearing your preferences, deleting cache files or enableing debug menus there is a quicker and simpler way.

Warning On Unsupported Time Machine Disks 2

Time Machine

Warning On Unsupported Time Machine Disks

I wanted to mention this tip as a warning to anyone who is using Time Machine on an supported drive. You may face problems and as a result lose your backups. This can be quite serious and as a result you need to take some caution.

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