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Create Stop Motion Animations In Quicktime 2


Create Stop Motion Animations In Quicktime

A while ago I mentioned about Gawker, the time lapse movie create which could take inputs from your video cameras or desktop and create them into a Time Lapse movie for you. I found that program really useful and interesting. But what about if you want to do it yourself. For example you have some image files taken from a normal camera and you want to string them into a movie. The answer is very simple and uses Quicktime.

Changing A Videos Thumbnail 3


Changing A Videos Thumbnail

If you have a very boring thumbnail for a video it can be quite hard to find that video while looking for it with coverflow. Like all things on a Mac it is very simple to change. All you need is your original image (or a second image) and a simple copy and paste in the right place. You can change that boring image into a very descriptive image which can make your video stand out.

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