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Times – A Different Way To View RSS Feeds 3


Times – A Different Way To View RSS Feeds

Quite a while ago I mentioned the Top RSS Readers for Mac. Well there is certainly another reader that should join the list and this is Times. It takes RSS reading to a whole new level, and it really shows off the power of the Mac code libraries. I feel a Delicious Generation application. It is based round reading a newspaper, and is laid out in a similar way. It uses a lot of visual effects and a lot of processing power. A very good application to show off the power of a Mac.

Top 11 RSS Readers For Macs 12


Top 11 RSS Readers For Macs

A lot of people are subscribing to blogs and websites using RSS. I think it is a great way to keep update with the latests posts and updates of your favourite sites. I have many RSS feeds, and I really enjoy reading through them. This post will be about some of the top RSS readers for the Macintosh operating system. Most of them are very similar in nature in what they do (there is not a lot of variation for RSS feeds). The list is organized in alphabetical order, but if you think I have missed one please leave a comment below.

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