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How To Use Your Mac Outside 3


How To Use Your Mac Outside

If anyone who has a laptop has worked outside in the bright sun it can be very hard to see the screen. All of the colours seem blurred and washed out and you can’t see anything on the screen. You can try all you like to adjust the brightness but it does make it very hard to see things. What you need is to change the screen contrast so you can really see the differences between the text. This application which I am going to talk about is called Nocturne.

Quickly De-clutter Your Screen 1


Quickly De-clutter Your Screen

My screen gets full very quickly, its the way the Mac operating system works. But the problem with this is that your screen can get cluttered up very quickly. The solution to this is to use the Hide function within the menu bar. This function hides either the application you are using or every other application.

Taking Screen Shots 3


Taking Screen Shots

Do you ever need to take a screen shot of your screen, a piece of work, a step in a tutorial. You may notice that a Mac keyboard doesn’t have a Print Screen button, unless you are using a third party keyboard. This can be annoying, but Apple have included to ways of taking screen shots, one of them is really cool and simple short cut method.

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