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Timed Screen Shots From Terminal 3


Timed Screen Shots From Terminal

This post sort of follows on from the previous post. If you have ever tried to take a picture of the screen saver you may find it quite hard. Every time you press the key commands your screensaver or other application may change and disappear. Although you could use grab for this, thats boring to use. This trick will use a small Terminal command that can take timed screenshots.

Remove Shadows From Screen Shots 1


Remove Shadows From Screen Shots

A long while a go I mentioned about Taking Screen Shots. This post detailed all about how to take screen shots and the various different commands which you can use to get the perfect shot. The one problem with Leopard is that windows have a massive shadow boarder. Although it looks cool on screen with all of these glossy effects, it doesn’t look good on images. With thanks to Mac OS X Hints, I will show you a way to remove the default shadow background.

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