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Use Tab To Switch Between Dialog Buttons 26


Use Tab To Switch Between Dialog Buttons

The one single “bug” on Mac OS X by far is the ability to switch buttons in dialog boxes. For example I mean using Tab to go between OK, Cancel, Don’t Save etc. For a long while until today I had just got used to using the mouse. Although you can use some shortcut keys for Save, but these aren’t always reliable. Windows has the ability to tab through button options. Why not Mac? Well you can and it is blindingly obvious.

Finding The Meaning Of Any Word 8


Finding The Meaning Of Any Word

This is just a quick tip for you today. If you are like me your English may not be the best. Mac OS X Leopard has an excellent built in Dictionary application. This post is going to show you how you can access Dictionary without having to open the program.

Find The Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard 1


Find The Diagonal Key On Your Keyboard

I was hunting around the various menu’s of Terminal a bit earlier today. I was a bit bored and I had a look it see what they could offer. Anyway I came across the following shortcut in the View menu and I was a bit perplexed at what key it could be. I tried both up and right at the same time, but nothing did seem to work.

View Every Shortcut Available In A Program 1


View Every Shortcut Available In A Program

I love short cuts. They make my life so much easier and much more efficient. Hence why they are called shortcuts. But learning shortcuts is hard. You can either read the documentation or go through every single menu options until you find something you need. Even better you can find them from me. One of the best applications I have found and has vastly become one of my favorites is KeyCue from ergonis. It is designed to show you every single shortcut available to you in your given program.

Save Anything As A PDF 4


Save Anything As A PDF

Saving documents as PDF is very easy one a Mac. By using the built in feature within all of the print dialogs you can make your own PDF’s. It doesn’t need and extra programs and special hacks. It enables PDF’s to be quickly and easily made to share with your friends and family. It doesn’t have the advance features of Adobe but it is features packed for many peoples needs but it is still very useful.

Inserting Ellipsis And Their Uses 2


Inserting Ellipsis And Their Uses

Did you know that on many menu items within Mac OS X there are three dots (…) called ellipsis. Ellipsis are very illusive and can be extremely confusing if you find something isn’t working and you haven’t got a clue why. The problem is down to ellipsis.

Alt + Tab Power Tips 8


Alt + Tab Power Tips

If you are anything like me you may have a lot of programs open at once. But do you know these power tricks to be able to navigate quickly and easily through all of the programs, as well as closing them in a flash. This post will be all about Alt + Tab (its not actually alt its command, but alt sounds better and you know what I mean) power tips to help you improve you work efficiency.

Forward Delete On MacBooks 24


Forward Delete On MacBooks

You have you new MacBook or MacBook Pro and you think its great but there is one problem, you do not no where the forward delete key is. The forward delete is the key near the cursors in that block of 6 or 8 keys. This, as described, deletes the character in front of the cursor. The forward delete does not appear on MacBooks or MacBook Pros but there is a solution, the Function Button.

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