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Mac 101: 56 Useful Mac Shortcuts 41

Mac 101

Mac 101: 56 Useful Mac Shortcuts

As part of a new series that will be making an appearance over the next couple of months is Mac 101. This series will focus on basic tips and tricks for the new user to the Mac system. Since Macs are growing in popularity I thought it was a good idea to do some sort of series to anyone in this category.

This first post will be a big list of useful shortcuts for the Mac. This list was actually recommended by a reader from the contact form. The email was sent in about month ago so I haven’t been to long in replying. Anyway this list will be split up into two sections basic key commands and the rest of them.

Moving Around In Finder 0


Moving Around In Finder

Did you know that if you press enter on any Finder entry it will enable you to edit the name of that file or folder. Pretty neat if you want a way to rename stuff quickly, but not very useful if you want to open the file or folder in question. After some keyboard bashing I have found some quick keyboard shortcuts to enable you to move around in Finder quicker and easier.

Big List Of Apple Short Cuts 2


Big List Of Apple Short Cuts

A lot of posts are about shortcuts. Quick methods for getting things done. Anyway there isn’t a place on your Mac or on the internet that offers every shortcut and a good explanation. Anyway I have been doing a bit of digging and have found a couple of sites that list a lot of shortcuts for you to use, its not perfect but it does help.

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