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Changing The Sleep Setting On A Mac Laptop 4


Changing The Sleep Setting On A Mac Laptop

This is quite a little interest on mine. Since I have a laptop I open and close the lid a lot when moving from one place to another. As a result some time I want to change what happens. For example keeping the Mac asleep when the lid is opened and keeping my Mac awake when the lid is closed. There isn’t any default methods of doing this within the system preferences. It needs a bit of hacking and using applications to work around this problem.

Putting Your Mac To Sleep 5


Putting Your Mac To Sleep

The sleep feature of a Mac is one of the best features for quickly putting your Mac into a state where you can lift it off your desk and be back in the same spot when you start up again. The sleep functions do work better on laptops rather than desktops. This is just a quick tip to wrap up a Saturday of working.

Caffine – Keep Your Mac Awake 5


Caffine – Keep Your Mac Awake

If you watch a lot of movies, read long pages and generally use your computer a lot and don’t want to move the mouse to stop the screen saver I have found a handy little application that does all this. Its called caffeine and is design to run in the menu bar and is great.

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